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[04/06/07] wiiKey base 1.2 released!

Version 1.2 of the setup disc is now available for download. It combines
various applications into a single bootable disc. This release includes:

- wiikey configuration
- wiikey dvdDump (dumps discs to sdcard)
- some of the most popular gamecube homebrew apps:

- SDLoad 1.0 by Costis
- Snes9x 1.43 GX 0.5 Port by Softdev
- GCOs MultiGame Version by emu_kidid
- MFE Distro 1.0 by Isobel

We like to point out that this disc does not update the chips firmware
in any way. It merely adjusts the configuration stored in EEPROM.

what's next ?
Coming up next will be the first wiikey firmware update. Among some new
features/improvements, it will fix the audiostreaming bug, that causes
several gamecube games to crash right now. More details will be
announced soon on the official website.

02/06/2007 (Updated)

It is unfortunately confirmed that a new drive chipset was just released. While it's extremely rare for now (we had to fight two days to find one), it does exist. CycloWiz is not compatible with this drive (D2B). If you bought your console end of January of February, please make sure that you have a compatible drive before ordering or installing a CycloWiz. We'll keep you informed about our research on this drive.

An installation manual was added in the download section.

As you can see, an external switch is needed to enter or leave programming mode. This physically insures that the chip doesn't get flashed by mistake, or for some other reason. The upgrade feature was also made so it's not detectable by the Wii at all.

Nintendo Wii Mod Chips Current Progress: The GameCube part of the Wii has been hacked - you can load unsigned code - DOL files using Action Replay CD + SD Loader. Wii side of the console will a lot harder to hack to do to constant updates from Nintendo.
Contrary to popular belief Nintendo Wii uses standard DVDs with a modified file system for game storage. Nintendo Wii modchip called Viper was released in December of 2006. There is a moded hacked BIOS available for the Viper called Cobra that allows the user to directly boot a back-up or homebrew game on a 3-inch DVD-R inserted in the Nintendo Wii's optical drive .
Like most console mod-chips, it attempts to avoid legal complications by including no code which circumvents copy protection or is copyrighted by Nintendo. It has some on-board flash memory which allows the user to write small programs to it (.DOLs). Removing the Nintendo Wii's external case or installing a custom replacement allows the user to boot standard 5-inch DVD-R discs as well, but the positioning of the drive's laser renders only the first 1.4GB of capacity usable. Previously the only common way to run user code on the Nintendo Wii was to use a LAN Adapter combined with a security hole in Phantasy Star Online.
More recent (v1.0+) versions of Cobra no longer require an original disc for authentication purposes. TMBinc released an open source IPL replacement for NGC, which allow anyone to produce is own IPL replacement (modchip for NGC). The Cobra software works, after an original disc is authenticated, by resetting the disc drive and unlocking a debug mode which allows code to be sent to the drive and executed. This code stops the disc drive for a few seconds, allowing the user to swap in a non-original disc. Alternatively, the DuoWii and XenoWii are available. They don't have the features of the Viper, but do allow booting of homebrew programs such as SNES and burnt games.

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