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Aladdin Advance XT Installation Diagrams
Super Aladdin Live Install Instructions
Matrix Infinity User Instructions
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SmartXX V2 1.0 - 1.5 Quicksolder Install
SmartXX V2 1.0 - 1.5 Pinheader Install
SmartXX V2 1.6 Quicksolder Install
SmartXX V2 1.6 Pinheader Install
SmartXX V2 Installation Diagrams
Magic 3.1 Plus Mod Chip Instructions
PS2 Duo2 Instructions
PS2 Magic 3.2 Instructions
DMS3 Plus Version 1 Diagrams
DMS3 Plus Version 2 Diagrams
DMS3 Plus Version 3 Diagrams
DMS3 Plus Version 4 Diagrams
DMS3 Plus Version 5-6 Diagrams
DMS3 Plus Version 7-8 Diagrams
DMS3 Plus Version 9 Diagrams
DMS3 Plus Version 10 Diagrams
DMS3 Plus Installation Instructions
DMS3+ Plus Usage Instructions
PS2 Duo2 Mod Chip Usage Instructions
PS2 Magic 3.1 Plus Usage Instructions
PS2 Magic 3.2 Mod Chip Usage Instructions
Version 12 Diagram
Ripper 4 v.12

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PS2 Mod Chips, Xbox Mod Chips and all modchips are designed for the purpose of using imports and backups of software you legally own. Most mod chips allow you to also install and run unsupported third party applications, such as Linux. We accept no responsibility for the use of these products to run copies of games you do not legally own. Please support software creators.
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