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Swap Magic 3.6 Combo NTSC
List Price:   $39.95
Our Price: $23.95 (40% OFF)
Stock: Ships same day from USA.

PS2 Fliptop  


PS2 Slide Card (V1-10) or PS2 Magic Switch (V12-16) are included with this combo

The Swap Magic 3.6 provides its users with features of any mod chip without the hectic installation steps that a mod chip requires. With just a screwdriver and five minutes of installation time, its users can enjoy the benefits of any mod chip such as playing backup CDs, DVD games, and much more. Games that were unplayable before now run flawlessly and efficiently. Swap Magic 3.6 is for anyone looking to modify their console to play Backups/Imports with hassle free installation

Compatible with all versions of PS2 and NEW PS2 Slimline
This PS2 mod chip comes with two CDs (Swap DVD and CD 3.6) which allows a wider range of games to be played on the console. Swap Magic 3.3 supports add-ons such as a PS2 slide card for all older versions of PS2 (v1 ? v10). Without complicated installation steps, Swap Magic 3.3 allows the user to play a wide range of backup games for an affordable price.

Play backup and import games without ever soldering!
The new version of Swap Magic has many features of the older version with added extras. With Swap DVD, there is no need for any extra 3rd party programs, such as DVD loader, to play your favorite DVDs or DVD games. This new version is also very efficient in that it loads all programs on your console much faster than its predecessors (No more waiting!). Along with swap DVD, the buyer also receives Swap CD 3.6. Similar to DVD 3.6, Swap CD requires no 3rd party programs to run backup games. Unlike its older versions, Swap CD 3.6 eliminates the need of refreshing the TOC to make the game readable. Since the CDs are now readable with ease, they do not spin as much, which reduces the damage on your system.

Slide Card Tool or Magic Switch Included!


Compatible with all PS2 consoles. Including the new PS2 Slimline! Completely Solderless Boot PS2 DVD-R Backups Boot PS2 CD-R Backups Boot Original Import Games Multi-Language Support: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Korea. TOC refresh mechanism which allows your PS2 to play large size game disks or games. Will not Void your PS2 Warranty No ModChip For Games to Detect No internal modifications or ModChips required to boot you backup copies and imports No extra stress on the laserlens Absolutely No soldering required - plug and play! Games start with the single swap method

  • Official Swap Magic 3.6 CD
  • Official Swap Magic 3.6 DVD
  • PS2 Slide Card Tool or PS2 Magic Switch
  • Online Installation & Usage Manual

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Version 16

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